Documentary project on some of the people I met in Wallacedean, in Cape Town, South Africa. Drugs, guns and crime are extremely rife in this area and gang mentality plays an important part in how you learn to survive. At whatever cost? But there are many different types of gangs and not all of them are about killing and murder. There are so many stories of people just trying to make a path for themselves and their families out of their hardships. I met Judah, piercing blue eyes and the locks of an Egyprian Pharoah. He had lived in Wallacedean all his life and had built his own music studio, out of corregated iron and wood, out the back of his friends house. He spoke about a real inspirational sense of music providing the key to escaping his surroundings and taking him to where ever his heart desired. I really respect this mentality and the raw passion that all the people that I met in this area put into their respective crafts and ways of life, whether it be music, cars, drugs, clothes, whatever. These guys wear their hearts on their sleeves... Its not about where you are born its about how you carry yourself and respect your family.

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