'BUILD YOURSELF' : Open Source Ecology - Factory E Farm, Missouri, USA. Aug 2012. I recently spent three weeks in the USA documenting an organization called Open Source Ecology for a film competition set up by Sundance Festival, called Focus Forward. The brief was to create a 3 minute documentary based on a person, idea, place or concept that is changing the world for the future. OSE was set up by Marcin Jakubowski in Missouri, USA. His ideas, philosophy and hands on building of of the Global Village Construction Set (50 most crucial machines for building a new modern civilization, free of privatized industrial constraints and capitalistic ideals) is aiming to change the way we live, work and communicate in our future world. He has already built and shared the designs for his own life tractor, CEB earth brick press, dimensional saw mill, power cube and trencher. sharing all designs and instructions online for free for anybody anywhere in the world to share and adopt. He was invited by TED talks to speak at their conference on how OSE hope to change not only the face of industry but also the way people live, work and socialize within their own communities. Building sustainable open source communities, free to share knowledge, ideas, practice, and visions of a future free of the constraints of 'economic scarcity'. Above is the film we made, which is currently in the semi final stages of the film competition. Please check it out, share and vote for the film on Vimeo. Along the way I also managed to capture some photography stills which I have included below. many thanks for letting me be apart of this inspiring project. 'BUILD YOURSELF' Director / Producer / Editor - Tristan Copley Smith Director of Photography / Effects Editor - Drew Cox Music Composer - Nicolas Singer Animation - Robert Wallace Sound Editor - Michele Caruso Featuring - Marcin Jakubowski, Zach Dwiel Special Thanks - Aaron Makaruk, Aaiden Williamson, Gabrielle LaBlanc, Graham Robertson, Yoonseo Kang, Parker Bonnell

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