VIRAL VIDEO - Oxfam - 'DIY Campaign'

Oxfam DIY Fashion Campaign Video and Documentary created by Drew Cox I was approached by the Creative Agency, Think Espionage to come up with a set of visuals for Oxfam's latest campaign. I suggested the idea of a combination of a Viral Fashion Promo, documentary video and photography to record the process of the Oxfam DIY Campaign as it ran for the course of the entire 2009 summer season. Festivals, Fashion shows, Music, Behind the Scenes, Store Re-designs, Shop Openings, and all led by the always iconic designer Mrs Jones. I also photographed the campaign; photoshoots, workshops, all festivals, behind the scenes and all portariture of Mrs Jones. for a feature by ID Magazine. Photos below. The 1st promo video was created using a combination of rotoscoping, hand made models, stop frame animation and motion graphics, by the collaborative team of Drew Cox and Jonny Harris to coincide with the launch of the Oxfam DIY Campaign and the opening of the first OXFAM DIY Store in Camden, London. The video was also showcased on the large festival screens throughout the summer festival season, Glastonbury, Leeds, Reading and Bestival, as part of Oxfams campaign to raise awareness of the project. Music credits go to James Powell and Pete Devlin. Check out the Oxfam webiste for full details:

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