MUSIC VIDEO - Adian Coker - 'Suicide Drive'

"‘Suicide Drive’ has to be one of the most forward-thinking videos coming out of the UK at the moment, not an overstatement. For a twenty-something that aspires to Kanye West levels of design, this is an LSD-infused carnival show that showcases again, not only the creative talents of producer Drew Cox but how far Adian is ahead of the game in terms of experimentation and overall quality control in every aspect of his product." - Hunger TV, September 2013 "“Suicide Drive” is the second installment of a three-part collaboration with the ridiculously gifted Drew Cox, aka ‘Slanted Eyes.’ Check out “Cream” released earlier this year." - Highsnobriety, 5 Best Videos of the week, September 2013 Music video for Adian Coker's 'Suicide Drive'. Part 2 of the video trilogy for the 'Young World' mix tape. Video directed by Drew Cox Photography and Artwork by Drew Cox

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